Lärvinen – Short documentary




My Role

Scriptwriter, Director



Joonas Järvinen is Lärvinen, number one fan in Finland. Unbelieveable story about joke that ended up to be cover of a newspaper and how it created a super fan named Lärvinen.

In addition to having his own merchandise, Joonas has been able to travel around the world thanks to his great personal branding and many coincidences. His life changed for ever when Olympic Ice hockey player challenged him to lose weight. It was a challenge he could not refuse.

Joonas has experience from both sides of phenomenon called fandom. He unfolds what it is like to be a fan and an idol to others at the same time. Towards the end, Joonas binds up what is it to be a fan, what is it all about and why does it make him return to Ice hokcey Arenas all over the world.